The 'Right Fit': lesson in a box

Free higher education lesson plans and resources for schools

Activity type: in-school workshops which can be delivered by school staff.
Year group: this is appropriate for any year group within the school.
Gatsby Benchmark: it covers Gatsby Benchmarks 1, 2 and 7.


This box provides information, advice and guidance in reference to university and higher education. The resources were developed by The University of Reading for Study Higher.

Teachers or school staff can use this box for lessons as it contains presentations and lesson plans for 3 topics. There are timings in the plans and if you were to cover all of the topics it totals five hours, so you can divide the sessions as appropriate.  The areas covered are:

  • general information about higher education
  • future choices
  • student finance and budgeting.

The 23 ‘Right Fit’ subject specific career guide booklets can also be used individually, perhaps as a five minute tutor activity, to help students to understand how the study of a particular subject e.g. art could lead to a career.

What is included in the box?

  • Cover sheet with a summary of the box.
  • Three lesson plans.
  • Higher education quiz and resources.
  • The ‘Bean Game’ worksheets.
  • A USB with digital copies of all lesson plans and resources.
  • All 23 ‘Right Fit’ subject specific career guide booklets and videos in digital form on USB (e.g. Art, Biology, Chemistry). For more examples see our resources pages.

Who is eligible for a box?

All state schools across Oxfordshire, Buckinghamshire, Berkshire and Swindon are eligible to receive a box.

Schools outside these regions can still apply for the resources but they will be sent digitally via email. 

Please email if you would like a ‘Lesson in a box’ delivered to your school*. Please include the following details in your message: name, job title, email address, school name and school address.

All boxes are currently delivered via Royal Mail.

*Please note, we aim to send out the resources box within 10 working days.

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