Critical thinking skills for A-Level and EPQs with Big Questions Little Questions


Big Questions LIttle Qustions or BQLQ is a programme of activities to develop academic critical thinking skills in sixth-form students, to help you feel better prepared to tackle A-level study and to move on to university.  It covers how to develop a good independent research question, and how to further develop your critical skills. Our friendly university student hosts will take you through these resources, which also feature researcher profiles, interactive quizzes, and downloadable resources.


To increase your confidence in progressing to higher education by developing and enhancing academic skills in critical thinking.


• to introduce terminology and concepts of critical thinking

• develop your confidence and skills for transition to university

• introduce you to how research and study is done at university.

Learning outcomes:

By the end of these resources you should

• have developed your understanding of questioning approaches

• feel more confident in creating your own research questions

• have developed your understanding of how to engage critically with sources of information

• have found out about the sorts of questions university researchers and students ask at university

• better understand how university and school learning styles relate and/or differ

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