Gabi Gabriel


Access and Outreach Officer

I am responsible for our attainment raising programme in Sir Herbert Leon Academy. In addition to targeted outreach I also design and deliver the ‘Young Carers on Tour’ programme for young carers. Day-to-day I work with young people by delivering events in school and co-ordinating events away from school around how they can make the most of their future.

More about me:

I can truly appreciate that some decisions are not always easy to make. As a qualified Career Adviser, Mentor and Coach, I have been able to use my personal experiences and expertise to provide relevant resources to support students with their choices for their next educational step to go to either a college, university or an apprenticeship.

By overcoming and understanding the barriers that are in their way, I have been able to guide many students to successfully complete their personal goals.

I have worked with amazing people from different walks of life and I continue to do so. Over the years, I have been lucky enough to oversee a variety of projects, that included supporting Looked After Children, Young Carer’s, as well as Access students, University Ambassador’s and even Primary school students.

I am keen to provide opportunities to students, that will enrich their options and help provide well informed realistic decisions.

In my spare time I enjoy playing and umpiring netball in local and regional games. I love watching films and going to listening to different types of music. As well as cooking and socialising with my family and friends.

You can contact me at: