Teacher CPD

Teacher/ careers lead CPD webinars

Below you can access recordings from Study Higher and Aspire Higher’s webinar series for teachers and advisors from 2021.



Title: Understanding Contextual Admissions

Description: The session explains how contextual admissions enable students from different backgrounds to progress to university.

Delivered by: Presented by Ella Adlard, Senior Education Outreach Officer at the University of Leeds.

Title: Student Finance

Description: The session explains student loan applications and what support you can give your students to ensure that they are prepared well in advance.

Delivered by: Presented by Ahmar Ehsan from the Student Loans Company.


Title: Understanding UCAS Data and Developments

Description: The session provides different resources for teachers to give to students and looks at the impact of COVID on university admissions.

Delivered byCharlie Smith, Digital Learning developer at UCAS.

Title: Support with the Student Loans Application

Description: The session outlines information on the student loan application process and provides updates on the latest policies.

Delivered by: It is presented by Ahmar Ehsan, from the Student Loans Company.

Title: LMI Trends and the Impact of COVID-19

Description: This session outlines the latest trends and changes in the labour market. It details how COVID-19 has impacted job markets and how you can prepare your students for these changes.

Delivered by: Presented by Paul Thompson, Employment and Skills Manager, South East Midlands LEP.



Title: First-hand Insight and Advice on Being an Apprentice

Description: A panel event featuring two apprentices and an ASK delivery partner at Adviza. The session will provide information on informing students about Apprenticeships in the current climate whilst offering first hand insight from current apprentices.

Delivered by:

Britney Cleary, ASK delivery partner, Adviza

Aden Rawlings, Sales Apprentice , UK consumer Intelligence, NielsenQ UK

Holly Perry, STEM Assistant, Mark Rutherford Upper School


Title: Supporting Young Carers to Reach their Potential

Description: Information on identifying and supporting young carers and young adult carers in schools. The session will cover ways to encourage young carers to aim high and reach their potential.

Delivered by: Leah Morgan, Service Manager, Young Carers Development Trust

Title: Supporting Students with Additional Study Support Needs into Higher Education

Description: Understand the difference in SEN support at University and the support in schools and colleges. The session will explore how you can support students with additional support needs into higher education.

Delivered by: Julie English, Senior Health and Wellbeing Advisor, Student Support at the University of Bedfordshire

UCAS information and events

Delivered by: Charlie Smith, Digital Learning Developer at UCAS

We have partnered with UCAS to deliver information to students, teachers and parents.

This information includes a video with all you need to know about UCAS extra and a video about Preparing for Clearing and Adjustment, which can be found below.



UCAS live Q&A session for parents and carers

The recording of this webinar can be found below:

Information video on UCAS Extra:

Information on Preparing for Clearing and Adjustment:

Title: Using the Thriving Lives Toolkit to Support Service Children: Session 1 

Description: Two sessions to inform you about the Thriving Lives Toolkit and supporting students from service families. The first session will be an introduction to the SCiP alliance and the Thriving Lives toolkit. The second session will look  more in detail into using the toolkit in different contexts, with the opportunity for reflective discussion

Delivered by: The Service Children’s Progression Alliance

Title: Using the Thriving Lives Toolkit to Support Service Children session 2 

Description:  The second session looks in detail into using the toolkit in different contexts, with local data on service children.  We also hear from special guests including Head Teacher at RAF Benson Primary School Steph Fawdry, Oxford Brookes Graduate Ambassador and former service child Jodie Evans and Ed Harris from the Global Education team at the Ministry of Defense talking about service children with SEND.

Delivered by: The Service Children’s Progression Alliance

Title: Supporting Care Leavers to Access Higher Education

Description: This webinar looks at the barriers and challenges faced by Care Leavers in accessing Higher Education opportunities. It provides information on how to best support Looked After Children you work with on their educational journey.

Delivered by: Gursharen Sandhu , Higher Education Co-ordinator for Care Leavers, Hertfordshire Virtual School, Hertfordshire County Council.


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