HealthTec at Aylesbury College


On 6th December 2017 Year 10 health and social care students went along to the HealthTec, based in Ayelsbury College to have bespoke activities to do with their course. It was an interactive day and went at a good pace for the students to follow.

When they arrived, they were greeted by the Healthtec team, and given a brief overview of what HealthTec is and what they would be doing while they were there. They were also given a work booklet that would be supportive for their studies next term.

The day began with an in depth insight in to what it feels like to be an elderly person. Two volunteers were given special suits to put on, that restricted their eyesight and movements. They were then given a few tasks to complete, like walking, getting in an out of a bed/bath, sitting down and making a cup of tea. The students had underestimated how difficult it would be to carry out these simple tasks. Once they got past the laughter, serious discussions arose about how best to support someone who deals with this everyday which lead onto a discussion about different careers and jobs within the health sector that can support people in this situation.

The activities were interactive from the get go.The next activitiy focused on how to use the right technique to help someone from choking, using a specially designed kit. They had the opportunity to try out these techniques by resuscitating a mannequin, while singing “Stayin’ Alive! (The music was played out loud!). Other activities included, using a specially designed t-shirt and an iPad to see inside the body i.e a heart, arteries etc.

The day was packed with lots of information for the students and they all had a good time. By taking their learning out of the classroom, and applying real life scenarios, they were able to fully engage with the activities. They left buzzing and wanting to go back for more!