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Who are you? What are you good at? Who would you like to be in the future?
Young people are constantly asked these questions and it can be difficult to answer them. Why not discover some of the different subjects you can study at higher education level and see if one might be of interest? Check out our resources on a range of university-level courses below, to help find The Right Fit for you.

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    University subject videos


    Do you ask the big questions in life? Are you inquisitive and want to discover how the world really works? If so, Philosophy might just be the Right F...

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    University subject videos


    Archaeology looks at the past to help predict the future. It uses a whole bunch different technologies to look at who we were, how we changed and who ...

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    University subject videos

    Food Science

    This maybe a completely new subject to you – no, it is not food tech, it is so much more than that! To find out what food science is and to see if it ...

  • Architecture image

    University subject videos


    Should buildings be beautiful or functional? Or maybe both? Click here to find out how architecture combines creativity and technical knowledge to sha...

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    University subject videos


    Are you compassionate, empathetic and caring? These characteristics and skills can help you to be a great nurse in whatever area you choose. Check out...