Peter Howe


Study Higher Liaison Officer

I work with the Study Higher Team at the University of Reading

I have been working alongside the team on and off since 2016, I have successfully managed many projects,  and events that have taken place. It has been an honour and privilege to work with many different students and support them with their decisions and choices, being a student from a low participation area who also has dyslexia I understand many of the barriers our students face. As individuals and a collective we are able to develop sessions that are informative yet interesting for the students, these sessions enable students to make informed decisions about their future.

More about me:

After graduating in 2015 from my theatre degree I worked in many roles supporting and assisting students before moving into outreach and recruitment field. Previous to my current role I managed the team of Student Ambassadors here at the University of Reading, I also was responsible for the non-subject specific post 16 visits. In my personal life I am an active member of my local IGR rugby team, I also enjoy working out and the theatre.

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