Mo Hasan


Study Higher Coordinator

I work with the Study Higher team at Bucks New University.

I am the Study Higher Coordinator for Bucks New University. With recently graduating from university, I understand the importance of higher education and the impact it can have. Being part of a fantastic team offering a chance to motivate, inform and educate young minds on the benefits of higher education certainly brings me a lot of joy. I believe my passion and enthusiasm can make a difference for many that believe the journey is difficult and unattainable.

More about me:

I have a degree in Aviation from Buckinghamshire New University and have also worked in many varied roles such as in the automotive industry, customer service and with children. The many skills and attributes that I have developed and enhanced over the years has led me to find a passion for supporting and encouraging students and being a vital cog in a complex machine. 

From a young age, I have always been an aviation geek. I spent most of my time admiring aircraft and often do a lot of plane spotting outside Heathrow Airport. My goals are to be a commercial pilot and seeing the beauty of the world whilst also sharing my knowledge with as many as I can to truly showcase the joy of aviation.

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