Charlotte Knapp


Outreach Hub Assistant

Day-to-day I work with young people by delivering events in school and co-ordinating events away from school which support students to make the most of their future.

I have recently been appointed as Outreach Hub Assistant and I am very excited to get started in the role. Over the last year, I acted as a Graduate Ambassador to Oxford Brookes in which I provided advice and guidance to young people across the country. Being a recent graduate, I love to talk about my experiences at University with students who are exploring their options. It is incredibly fulfilling to see a student excited about all of the possibilities ahead of them. 

More about me:

I am an Oxford Brookes BSc Anthropology Graduate with a particular interest in topics such as social mobility and education. My dissertation researched a school in Bangalore, India. It explored education and its effects on social mobility. This initially sparked my belief and interest in Widening Participation. 

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