Charlie Deeks


Evaluation and Monitoring Manager

I help the entire Study Higher team ensure that we are working with our target students, monitor our progression, and evaluate our effectiveness.
I work with everyone at Study Higher to make sure that the events we put on are effective and useful, and aimed at the right people. I also manage the data that Study Higher collects, and along with the Monitoring and Evaluation Officer, we draw conclusions from and report on that data.
More about me:
Previous to this role, I worked at the University of Bristol as an Outreach Officer, where I helped to make higher education accessible to everyone in the city. I also studied at the University of Bristol, finishing with a degree in Politics and International Relations and a masters in Educational Research. In both of these degrees, I researched inequalities in the UK education system, with a particular focus on personal statements and the UCAS process.
In my spare time, you might find me competing on quiz shows on TV, or watching and playing American Football and Baseball, where I follow the teams from my adopted home city of Atlanta!

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