Teacher/ Careers Lead CPD Webinars

Study Higher and Aspire Higher present a webinar series for teachers and advisors.



Title: LMI trends and the impact of COVID-19

Date: 2nd March

Time: 3.45-4.45pm.

Description: The session will outline the latest trends and changes in the labour market. It will detail how COVID-19 has impacted job markets and how you can prepare your students for these changes.

Delivered by: It will be presented by Paul Thompson, Employment and Skills Manager, South East Midlands LEP.


Previous Webinars- recordings available below

Title: Understanding Contextual Admissions

Description: The session explains how contextual admissions enable students from different backgrounds to progress to university.

Delivered by: Presented by Ella Adlard, Senior Education Outreach Officer at the University of Leeds.

Title: Student Finance

Description: The session explains student loan applications and what support you can give your students to ensure that they are prepared well in advance.

Delivered by: Presented by Ahmar Ehsan from the Student Loans Company.


Title: Understanding UCAS data and developments

Date: 7th January

Time: 3.45-4.45pm.

Description: The session provides different resources for teachers to give to students and looks at the impact of COVID on university admissions.

Delivered byCharlie Smith, Digital Learning developer at UCAS.

Title: Support with the Student Loans Application

Date: 23rd February

Time: 3.45-4.45pm.

Description: The session outlines information on the student loan application process and provides updates on the latest policies.

Delivered by: It is presented by Ahmar Ehsan, from the Student Loans Company.


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