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Study Higher Swindon Newsletter January 2018

Study Higher Swindon Newsletter January 2018

Our Swindon team have been working in partnership with a variety of educational providers over the past few months, including Cameron Parker, 'I'm a Scientist', and MADE Training.

  • Cameron Parker - motivational speaker

Cameron Parker 


Cameron Parker, motivational speaker and role model, worked with a variety of Study Higher target schools and students in Swindon last term, delivering assemblies, workshops and sharing his experiences. To find out more about Cameron Parker's sessions click here.


Year 9 Immersion day


One of our Swindon HELOs ran an 'Immersion day' for Year 9s at the Ridgeway School & Sixth form. Study Higher delivered an active, aspiration raising workshop that aimed to encourage Year 9 students to consider their long term goals as they make their important GCSE choices.

The first activity saw every student and some staff on their feet in what appeared to be a simple ‘true or false’ activity. They quickly discovered that the answers were anything but straightforward and lively debates sprang up over apprenticeship salaries and the student loan system. The second group of the day then stepped into the role of Careers Advisor in a ‘Scrambled Careers’ activity which saw them analysing the routes into and advantages of different careers, including Radiography, Sound Engineering and Paramedic Science.


I'm a scientist


Another interesting event which Year 10 students from Swindon Academy took part in was an online event called 'I'm a scientist'. This was an online STEM engagement activity which aims to increase the awareness of STEM careers and Higher Education qualifications, increase students’ science capital and provide students with the opportunity to meet a diverse group of STEM professionals.

This was all facilitated through an online portal where students had the opportunity to read about scientist’s profiles, chat with them in a text-based live chat and ask them anything they wanted to know. 

The students took to the task with great enthusiasm and asked a range of questions to the scientists. 

Revision Skills Day


Our HELOs have also worked with MADE Training who delivered a revison skills day earlier this year. Close to 60 students from Lawn Manor participated in this skills day which showed true dedication and a desire for success in their GCSE's considering it was the first day of the Autumn half-term! To find out more about what they got up to click here.