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Study Higher Oxfordshire Newsletter January 2018

Study Higher Oxfordshire Newsletter January 2018

Over the past few months our HELOs have been working with several educational training providers delivering workshops to Study Higher schools. In November we worked with both MADE Training and Elevate Education.

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MADE Training workshops with Banbury Academy


Students from Year 11, 12 and 13 from Banbury Academy took part in MADE training workshops as part of their PSHE day. Year 11 students took part in 'Inner Winner' and Year 12 and Year 13 took part in 'Stepping Up'. These sessions were delivered as part of their "power hour" sessions to ensure that all students were able to access the workshops.

The feedback from the students was extremely positive with students saying that they enjoyed the sessions, found the content very useful and will use what they learnt to develop their own study techniques. 


Elevate Education study techniques 


Students from Year 11 at The Oxford Academy had the chance to experience a session from Elevate Education. This thought-provoking session was delivered to the whole of Year 11 and gave students the opportunity to discover what it takes to be successful and what the differences are in the study techniques of average vs. peak-performing students. They were introduced to the importance of developing a 'can-do' attitude and the impact of limiting beliefs on academic performance. The session concluded with them learning how to set effective goals - a fantastic way to kick off Year 11 Futures Day!