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Study Higher Buckinghamshire Newsletter June 2018

Study Higher Buckinghamshire Newsletter June 2018

Over the past few months, there has been a great deal of outreach taking place in the Buckinghamshire area. Scroll down to find out what exactly we've been up to!

  • Exams - Positvely MAD
  • MADE large scale workshop - Action changes things
  • Microsoft lecture - an average day
  • Microsoft - more gaming
  • UON Lecture hall
Study Skills and Exams Prep


We have had several different sessions delivered on exam preparation for several of our target schools in the Buckinghamshire region to help students prepare as their GCSEs and A-levels fast approach. Sessions on this topic have ranged from study skills workshops to help with revision techniques to preparing for exams and time and stress management. To read more about the sessions delivered, click here.

Microsoft Campus Visits


One of our HELOs also arranged recently for a group of Year 10s, from both the Aylesbury Vale Academy and The Mandeville School, to have a trip to the Microsoft campus. To find out more about the exciting activities they participated in, click here.

University Taster Visit


Year 9s from The Mandeville School had the opportunity in February to visit the University of Northampton (UoN) for a University Taster day. It was a fun and interactive day where groups of Year 9s engaged with presentations and workshops delivered by the UoN WP team and student ambassadors.

All activities delivered were aimed at providing information about what HE is, what the life of a University student is like, student finance and how their next steps relate to future university options.

The day also included a campus tour of the university, allowing the students to see the various facilities and departments, giving them an idea of what would be available on a university campus.

Pi Day


Study Higher MK have also been busy delivering several Study Higher activities in Buckinghamshire recently including ‘Pi Day’. On the 14th March (Pi day) a group of 50 Year 10 students took part in a range of Pi activities. They memorised up to 30 digits of Pi, solved Pi related Dingbats and learnt about the importance of Pi in Engineering, Medicine and Finance.

Jack Sainty, a student at the University of Bedfordshire then delivered a talk on student finance. The year 10s went onto ‘live like a student’ where they were given a budget and had to work out costs for accommodation, food, books and other higher educational expenses they might incur. Students realised the importance of other factors such as getting a job to support them during their studies. Overall the day was a huge success!