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Study Higher Berkshire Newsletter June 2018

Study Higher Berkshire Newsletter June 2018

Over the past few months our HELOs and partners have been busy delivering some exciting activities in the region. To find out more about the types of activities delivered, read below.

  • Rewise class STEM session - project success
  • Student working on STEM project - UTC session


STEM Rewise Coding Session


Rewise delivered a STEM coding session to Year 10 students at Oakbank School which was great fun and included lots of technical content which was ideal for students interested in IT or coding. The students gave some great feedback and were engaged throughout the day.

Rewise offer a fantastic variety of subject specific activities to schools. If you would be interested in booking them to work with your students, please speak to your HELO.



The Zone Youth Club


This event was run in the heart of the Great Hollands ward at an established youth club run by Berkshire Youth. Young people from the ward were invited for a session to find out more about Study Higher and the possibilities of accessing higher education.

The event started with pizzas which were very popular and while people “munched” there was a general discussion about what they already knew about university and whether or not they thought higher education was for them. The majority had vocational/work focused routes in mind and hadn’t considered that university would be for them.

This project was set up to engage with communities who support young people who could benefit from higher education. Although we can’t change minds overnight, the “seed was sown” and it has given them something to think about.

It was an excellent opportunity to start forging vital links with local communities to enable sustainable support for young people who want to access higher education.


Spotlight on Careers - Business


This event was a great opportunity for students to hear from professionals about the industry they work in.

Professionals discussed career paths and prospective careers available, skills and qualities needed to work within the industry. They showcased work from their organisation and set small challenges based on the industry they work in.

Students experienced different hands-on challenges delivered by business professionals, listened to employees talk about their career journeys, and understand from a university prespective the different routes into these business sectors and training available, see salary expectations.

This event encouraged young people to think outside the box and provided them with the opportunity to speak with professional’s face to face.


The aim of Spotlight is:

  • Discuss potential careers available, with business experts.
  • Meet face to face with professionals.
  • Understand the qualification requirements to enter these sectors (both university and non university routes).
  • Have some hands-on experience of the types of activities within the specific sector chosen.
  • Listen to an HEI presentation at the end of the day.