Religious Education

Are you studying Religious Education at school or college? Do you enjoy it and want to know more about where it could take you in the future? Well, you’re in the right place!

When you finish school or college, studying Religious Studies at higher education level can help you to better understand people around you, no matter their background, culture or religion. If you like working with people and learning what makes them tick then Religious Studies could be a good choice for you. Other than a vicar or theologian, there are many other jobs and subjects related to Religious Studies that might be of interest. Perhaps you’d like to consider international development or working in an equality and diversity role.

So, if you like Religious Studies and it’s The Right Fit for you – why don’t you see where it can take you?

Still interested? Why not take a closer look. Explore our downloadable booklet below or alternatively click the link to view the booklet online.


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