Nursing is a job that will always be in demand. It’s a job that makes a real difference to people’s lives and is incredibly rewarding.

There are many different types of nursing, and many students who study nursing decide to specialise. You may want to work with children primarily, so finding a Children’s Nursing degree course might be a good choice for you. Some nurses decide to specialise in other areas, such as mental health, working with people dealing with difficult mental health issues and working to combat stigma around the patients.

If you’re considering nursing, it’s important to be able to demonstrate certain values imperative for a role in healthcare. Nurses need to be caring, compassionate and great communicators, committed to improving the lives of others and giving patients the best care possible.

Do you think that’s who you are?

Is that who you are? Why not take a closer look. Explore our downloadable booklet below or click the link to view the booklet online.

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