Food Science

You are what you eat! There is more to food than how it looks, cooks and tastes. Through the study of Food Science, you could explore human anatomy, physiology, microbiology and the principles of food and nutrition. So, if you’re interested in food, health, nutrition and human biology – this could be an option for you. On related courses, you’ll develop a plethora of transferable skills such as planning and problem solving, observation and analysis, and communication. Job opportunities can be wide ranging, from working in hospitals, food developers, charities, and a range of other public and private sector organisations.

Is that who you are? Why not take a closer look.

Check out the University and College’s Admissions Service (UCAS) website to find out which institutions offer Food Science or similar subjects. At our last count there were almost 200 courses offered through higher education providers. Check out the Right Fit for you!

Alternatively, if you like the sound of career in Food Science, why not check out a Food Science course at one of our partner universities by clicking the links below.

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