If you’ve heard of Architecture, but not quite sure what it is – you’re not alone! We’re here to help you understand this subject and perhaps help you decide if it could be for you in the future.

Studying Architecture at higher education level could not only lead into a career as an Architect, but provides you will so many experiences and transferable skills. You might even consider a related more specialist degree course such as Interior Design or Building Surveying.

An Architect is a fascinating and challenging job. The world around us is designed to look good, work well, and help us – as an Architect you would express your creative skill and imagination to ensure that infrastructure is fit for purpose.

Do you think that’s who you are?

Is that who you are? Why not take a closer look. Explore our downloadable booklet below or alternatively click the link to view the booklet online.


These materials have been developed by The University of Reading for Study Higher.




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