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Qualifications & progression routes

This section aims to explore the range of routes into and through higher education, the features of each and where to go for further information.

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Introductory guide this useful guide not only introduces you to the various qualification levels, it also looks at the difference between studying higher education at a university and a college.

Career Pilot provides a great overview of courses at different levels and a really useful resource for students to see what their next step could be.

Broadening your students' horizons UCAS are running an online MOOC, starting in May, to help teachers and advisers understand the wealth of HE options available to students

Progression pathways UCAS have produced a series of videos explaining various non-traditional qualifications and the implications for transititon to higher education

A guide for parents at the bottom of this page you can download a new guide for parents which aims to help with education and training decisions

Routes through higher education at the bottom of this page you can download our Higher Education factsheet handout explaining the most common routes through higher education

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