Subjects in a box!

‘Subjects in a box’ are a FREE collection of different university subject boxes available to teach in-school, complete with lesson plans and resources.

Activity type: subject specific workshops which can be delivered in-school or on campus, by school staff or by the Study Higher/Reading University team.

Aim: to support the school curriculum with subject specific content linked to university study.

Year group: years 9-11

Gatsby Benchmarks: 7

The subject specific workshops have been expertly curated and designed by university academics at The University of Reading and Study Higher, and are presented in easily accessible boxes. The boxes contain resources that can be used to support the curriculum. The subjects available are: English Literature, Classics, Maths, Archaeology and general higher education information, advice and guidance

How to order Subjects in a Box?

If you would like to receive one of these FREE boxes please contact your HELO or email

Arrangements will be made with you for a free demonstration of the resource to your students and the box will then be left with your school for you to deliver going forward.

Lesson in a Box

At the bottom of this page is some information regarding this additional resource which is available to all schools. This FREE resource can ordered directly by clicking on the link in the box.


Medicine in a box - Biology, Chemistry and Medicines

Medicine in a box includes three sessions that help students understand the process of taking molecules to medicines. In these lessons students will explore topics such as Pharmacology, Pharmaceutics and being a Pharmacist. Throughout these lessons participants will how different areas of the of the pharmaceutical industry create, develop, and test medicines before being able to present these to the general public. The many different hands-on activities include; Making a Medicine, Understanding the lock and key model, being a Pharmacist and many more.


In this box you will find:

  • Instructions and additional information booklet
  • 2 x Scales
  • 1 x Powdered sugar
  • 35 x Capsules
  • Wooden spatulas
  • Other learning resources
  • A flash drive loaded the teaching presentation and extra copies of materials.

English Literature- Ghost Story in a Box

‘Ghost story in a box’ includes activities designed to encourage GCSE level students to tell ghost stories as a group, learn about genre conventions, and to investigate the wider contexts of these stories. It aims to introduce literary ideas of trope, structure, context and criticism through an engagement with a popular form of literature.


  • Instructions and additional information booklet x2
  • A spinner x2
  • A set of 28 cards x2
  • 6 suggested introductory paragraphs x2
  • A USB loaded with the lesson plans and extra copies of materials

Classics- Democracy in a Box

‘Democracy in a box’ is a lesson with an interactive activity that focuses on subjects such as history, citizenship and politics. Using the example of ancient Athens, students will develop an understanding of the importance of a strong, impartial court system in any well-functioning democracy.



  • Instructions and additional information booklet
  • 30 x paper straws, and sheets of cardboard/cardstock
  • Psephoi (3D printed replica voting disks)
  • A flash drive loaded the teaching presentation and extra copies of materials.


This exciting and interactive ‘lesson in a box’ will help students recap the theory and application of scales and the Pythagoras theorem as well as understand trigonometry and how to use it to solve real life problems. By using the interactive map students will be able to apply their new knowledge.  


  • Lesson plan and presentation
  • Digital worksheet template 
  • Map of a town for the activity with 3D nets for buildings and the tree x4
  • A protractor


This box includes an archaeology lesson about the medieval ages and the Black Death.


  • Lesson plan and presentation
  • Medieval Teenager card game
  • 3D printed jaw
  • 3D printed upper arm bone
  • Right Fit booklets

Information, advice and guidance


  • General information about higher education
  • Future choices
  • Student finance and budgeting


  • 3 lesson plans.
  • Higher education quiz and resources.
  • The ‘Bean Game’ worksheets.
  • A USB with digital copies of all lesson plans and resources.
  • All 23 ‘Right Fit’ subject specific career guide booklets and videos in digital form on USB.

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