Get skilled

‘Get skilled’ is a range of sessions that can be delivered in school/college based on activities most frequently requested by teachers and careers leads. These sessions are the complete package including everything you will need to teach the session.


Activity type: in-school workshops which can be delivered by members of the Reading University team, Study Higher or a school colleague.

Aim: to develop key skills needed by students to progress into higher education.

Year group: years 9-13

Gatsby Benchmarks: 7

‘Get skilled’ are skills-based sessions that are among the activities most frequently requested by schools and colleges. There are three core areas: Get skilled academic; Get skilled life; and Get skilled future. These sessions are ready to deliver with lesson plans, presentations and workbooks.

The resources were developed alongside academics at The University of Reading.

How to book a session:

If you would like to book a session please speak to your HELO or email

Wellbeing and you

This session focuses on: 

  • Enabling students to identify ways to support their physical and mental wellbeing whilst studying.
  • Looking at the five areas of wellbeing and creating a wellbeing toolkit.

Workbooks also provided.


Referencing: What's the big deal?

This session focuses on:

  • Giving students the opportunity to understand what referencing and plagiarism are.
  • Looking at how and what students can reference, and different ways that students can quote information.
  • Providing opportunities to practice referencing skills.

Workbooks also provided.

Revision skills

This session focuses on: 

  • Giving students the tools to effectively revise independently.
  • Providing the opportunity to practice revision skills and learn Cornell note taking.
  • Giving students an understanding of what they will need to revise and how to support themselves when doing it.

Workbooks also provided.

Post-16 options

This session focuses on: 

  • Learning about options past GCSE including educational settings and types of further study.
  • Having the opportunity to see students who have taken different pathways.

For this session students will need access to computers or pre-ordered university prospectuses.

Post-18 options

This session focuses on: 

  • Learning about options post 18 including information about the many different pathways that students can take.

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