Medical Mavericks’ Workshop with Swindon Academy


Medical Mavericks go into schools and offer a hands-on experience for students to try out a variety of really cool activities all related to different healthcare professions. These are all closely linked to which careers they could be a part of and which routes to take to get there.

Students from Years 8 to 12 from Swindon Academy, had the opportunity to attend a Medical Mavericks workshop, where they were able to cover so many different aspects of medicine you wouldn’t normally think possible in a school. For example they had the opportunity to have a go at taking blood from a phlebotomy training arm, using an ultrasound scanner to find growth plates in their arms, measuring their blood pressure, taking pulses and they even got to take home a copy of their own ECG!

There was a lot of emphasis on careers and the booklets they used colour coded the kinds of grades they would need to get at GCSE to get into that career.



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