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Academic Programme: Insight into Being Human

Academic Programme: Insight into Being Human

This programme is an opportunity for Year 12 students to be taught, guided and supported by Oxford academics and under the theme of ‘Being Human’ to explore the nature and history of humanity through a variety of subjects and disciplines such as archaeology, anthropology, philosophy, linguistics, languages and religious studies.

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We'll be asking questions such as:

  • When did we become human?
  • How and when did we decide what is human and what's not?
  • Where do we fit into our environment, the world, the universe?
  • How can human beings be capable of 'inhumane treatment' or crimes against humanity?
  • What next for the human?


And the answers we come up with together will show that the humanities truly are for everyone: a way to reflect on the things we share, the differences that make us interesting, and the positive contributions we can make to the world.


The programme consists of an academic seminar delivered by Oxford academics in one of four schools located in Reading, Oxford, Buckinghamshire and Swindon. Participants who attend the seminar, then attend a one day Conference in Oxford during October half term on Tuesday 23rd October. Participants must attend both the Seminar and Conference.


To find out more about the programme and what it means to be human click on the relevant downloads below. You'll also find a copy of the teacher guide for this programme.