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Film, Theatre and Television Year 12 Summer taster course: Inbetweeners, Block Attackers and Curious Incidents

Thu 23 June 2016

All day

partner University of Reading, suitable Year 12, type Talk

partner University of Reading, suitable Year 12, type Talk

University of Reading, Whiteknights Campus

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Exploring Identity in Film/TV and Theatre in Theory and Practice

As the success of films like Attack the Block, television series like The Inbetweeners, and theatre plays like The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-time show, representations of identity matter in today's film/TV and theatre. This two-day event will examine such representations both theoretically and practically.

A short lecture and seminar discussion will introduce key questions concerning representations of identity; such as:

• What kinds of representations do contemporary film/TV and theatre offers us, and which are absent?

• Why does it matter how we are represented within these cultural media?

• How can we use film/TV and theatre-making to represent ourselves/each other?

The discussion will be informed by, for example, ideas about femininity and masculinity, race and ethnicity, age, (dis)ability, technology, and how these affect each other.

You will then explore these questions and ideas through practical workshops by making a short film or performance, using specialist equipment and facilities.

Applications can be scanned and emailed to or send to Student Recruitment & Outreach, University of Reading, Miller Building 103, Reading, RG6 6AB.

Deadline for application is Friday 17th June