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Art Portfolio master class

Wed 06 July 2016

All day

partner University of Reading, suitable Year 12

partner University of Reading, suitable Year 12

University of Reading, Whiteknights campus

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Photogram Workshop

Photograms are a form of camera-less image making where objects are placed onto photographic paper and then exposed to light, recording the shadow of the objects as white and the unblocked areas of paper as black.


Please bring four or more small things that interest you from personal objects like jewellery to the everyday like a glass or sculptures and drawings you've made . . . think interesting outlines and a variety of translucencies.


We will be working in the darkroom, making photograms and hand developing our images: learning the basics of printing, using an enlarger, playing with exposure, and chemical manipulation. You will be making images that transform your objects, experimenting with composition, narrative, light and darkness.

Materials that work well: tracing paper, photocopies, fabric, small art works and drawings, gauze, thread, glass objects and utensils, type and printed material, complex and simple objects, organic/inorganic forms.

There are a limited number of places so please apply early.  Deadline for application is Friday 24th June.

Applications can be scanned and emailed to or send to Student Recruitment & Outreach, University of Reading, Miller Building 103, Reading, RG6 6AB.