Bucks New University Year 9 Passport Day


In November, Year 9 Students from Sir Herbert Leon Academy had the opportunity to attend a Passport day at Bucks New University. Around 30 students went along to the university to get an in depth experience of what it is like to be a university student.

On arrival the students were given a very warm arrival by Pete and his team of SA’s.The location of the room they were based in was the perfect setting for the students to keep their energy and motivation going throughout the day.

The students were able to work in teams and they were allocated an SA for the whole day. This worked perfectly as there was no more than 8 students in a group and once the task was set, the SA would then be able to facilitate and support the students in completing their tasks. Students from SHL, had a lot of questions to ask and this setting made it easier for them to ask those questions.

They completed many tasks, including managing their money, designing their idea of a university and going on a campus tour all before having lunch and heading back to school.

It was a fun interactive and very informative day and the students from Sir Herbert Leon were extremely pleased to have had the opportunity to be involved in this day.