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Study Skills and Exams Prep

Thursday 31 May 2018

We have had several different sessions delivered on Exam preparation for several of our target schools in the Buckinghamshire region to help students prepare as their GCSEs and A-levels fast approach.

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  • Exams - Positvely MAD
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  • Lecture - Postively MAD
Exams MADE easy and Marginal Gains


MADE for Education delivered study skills workshops to the Year 11s of Aylesbury Vale Academy on 16th Mar 2018, to aid them in their revision and preparation toward exams.

Students engaged with hands-on activities to help them with memorising, prioritising, learning how to condense information and creating cue cards.

The year 11s were also involved in activities to help them develop positive habits for success; analysing strengths and weaknesses, to identify areas for improvement.

Ace your Exams


Earlier this year, Elevate Training delivered two workshops to a group of Year 11 students from The Grange School to aid them with their studies and revision. The students were introduced to tangible skills to help them positively build on mock exams, facilitate their preparation and help them prioritise their work during the revision period. Students were also introduced to ways to manage their time and stress during exams.

Students left the session with useful tips on when and how to study and were challenged to re-evaluate their revision habits in order to be better prepared for exams.

Exam Busters


Year 10, 11 and 6th form students from Mandeville school had the opportunity to engage with Positively MAD’s Exams Busters and Study Skills session. An interactive workshop designed to improve memory skills, increase self-confidence, understand the importance of reflective practices and regular review, and to prepare for exams.

Students were guided through useful techniques for studying, preparing for exams, managing time and reducing stress.

Positively MAD tailored the workshops to each of the year groups and students fully engaged and confirmed the knowledge and skills gained through the workshop will enable them to learn effectively.