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Tuesday 16 January 2018

Study Higher had the fantastic opportunity to checkout a local boxing club on the 9th January 2018. A HELO, one of our regional managers, and a rep from the Learning Ladder went along to Blackbird Leys Boxing Club to speak to young, aspiring boxers about higher education (HE).

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The group were first informed by the Learning Ladder about how boxing skills are linked to the skills required for progressing to HE - determination, discipline, motivation. We then moved on to explaining how Study Higher is hoping to support young people in the area, along with opportunities that they may come across in school.


After the talk, the boxers were encouraged to speak with us and ask any questions about HE that they had. A common concern heard in the club is the potential financial implications often associated with progressing into HE. We’re working hard to talk through the student finance and repayment process with students, along with highlighting the range of HE pathways on offer, many of which have additional financial support systems in place.


We would like to thank Keith Perisi (Head Coach) for giving us the opportunity to visit the club.