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The University of Oxford is world-famous for academic excellence. We pick the best and brightest students purely on their academic merit and passion for their chosen course. So it is no surprise that we feel passionately about the importance of education. We believe that it’s important for you to be well informed about the opportunities you have and the choices you make—after all, they have an impact on the rest of your life.

That is why access staff across the university work to offer events and projects for the local region, and nationally, to raise aspirations, attainment and support participants whatever their educational choice.

The University is a federalised instition, which means that lots of opportunities are made available throughout its different parts: the central acess team offer flagship programmes to support potential applicants locally and nationwide; each area of the UK is linked to a specific college, who will know their region particularly well and already have contact with schools and students in the area; and our academic faculties offer opportunities and events too!

Oxford runs thousands of free events and programmes every year for potential applicants, and spends around £8 million a year supporting its students. About 1 in 4 UK/EU Oxford undergraduates currently receives a bursary to support them as independent learners.