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Rachael Wells

The schools I work with are: Abbey Park, Lydiard Park Academy, St John's Catholic College.Day-to-day I work with young people in Swindon by delivering events in school and co-ordinating events away from school which support students to make the most of their future.

More about me:

My experience of working with young people and their families has not only been gained from various job roles but from my constant drive to deliver the best experience for everyone and it has been enjoyable and eye opening for me as well. 

I have worked in and run local authority projects for families and young people, engaged hard-to-reach and disabled people in fun and educating environments and supported in school work. My aim in Study Higher is to constantly deliver the best and most appropriate information and guidance for everyone I come in contact with. I do this by working in and with schools and organising out-of-school projects, encouraging everyone's involvement in the Swindon community. 

You can contact me at: