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Dr. David Colwill

Dr. David Colwill

Day-to-day I work with young people in Oxfordshire by delivering events in school and co-ordinating events away from school around how they can make the most of their future. I work with young people in the Neithrop and Ruscote areas of Banbury and in Carterton South, co-ordinating activities, events, and trips to help them consider the breadth of their educational opportunities. I represent Study Higher on the Cherwell Young People Play and Wellbeing Partnership, Oxfordshire Learning Network North Area Partnership, and the Carterton Connects group.

More about me:

I come to Widening Participation having spent far too long enthralled by Higher Education, eventually working my way up to a doctorate in Roman History. While doing my research project, I taught undergraduates, and did other public engagement side projects, including coordinating a history/archaeology outreach project that brought enrichment toolkits and real-life artefacts and undergraduates into classrooms in areas of low participation in Higher Education.

My experiences with Higher Education, Widening Participation, and various other jobs and volunteering inform my approaches to working with young people.