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The Study Higher team comprises of 17 team members, 6 of whom work in the central team based in Oxford and 11 Higher Education Liaison Officers (HELOs) who work across the region.

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The Study Higher central team is made up of Lucinda Morton, the Head of Study Higher; Emily Cannon and Asim Mahmood, the Study Higher Liaison Managers; Dr Emily Scott is the Monitoring & Evaluation Officer; Yvonne Jones, the Finance & Communications Administrator; and Clare Ridley, Study Higher Project Account Manager.

The remote Study Higher team comprises of 11 HELOs based in associate partner colleges and councils. Emily Cannon manages 6 HELOs in the Oxfordshire and Swindon area. In the Swindon area we have Emma Rowe and Tara Aqeel, based at New College Swindon; and Rachael Wells and Jess Hill, based at Swindon Campus.  In the Oxfordshire area we have Steph Atherton, based at Ruskin College; and Mark Newman, based at Banbury College.

Asim Mahmood manages the HELOs in the Buckinghamshire and Berkshire areas. In the Berkshire area we have Joanna Ridley and Dr Phil Jemmett, based at Reading College; and Martin Price based at Bracknell & Wokingham College. In the Buckinghamshire area we have Gabriella Gabriel based at Milton Keynes College; and Jeffery Asante based at Aylesbury College.